20. January 2021

Protection Against the Cyber Criminals of the Future

Quantum-Resistant Ethernet Encryption as a Plug & Play Solution

What are the consequences of a quantum computer from Google solving a mathematical problem in minutes that would take a semiconductor-based supercomputer 10,000 years? First of all, it raises doubts about the result. For example, IBM claims that the mathematical problem could have been solved in "only" 2.5 days using conventional means. Nevertheless, the experiment proves that quantum computers hold immense potential.

Secure Ethernet Connect: just a Question of Mathematics

Anybody who uses an Ethernet connect encryption today relies on a mathematical problem whose solution fortunately consumes an impracticable amount of computing power. But it is only a matter of time before quantum computers are able to solve such tasks and crack proven encryption methods.

While traditional computers are based on bits that can assume a value of either 0 (current off) or 1 (current on) and thus deliver definable and reproducible states, different rules apply in the quantum world - due to superposition and quantum entanglement. And even qubits, i.e. the smallest computational unit of a quantum computer, can hardly be grasped with our everyday determinism: They can theoretically assume several states simultaneously and open up new possibilities for solving mathematical problems.

Asymmetric vs. Symmetric Encryption Methods

To understand where quantum computers can play to their advantage, it is important to understand the encryption concepts:

  • Asymmetric cryptosystems are mostly based on calculating discrete logarithms and prime factorization. In the future, these could be solved by Shor’s Algorithm, providing some attack surface for quantum computers.
  • In symmetric encryption methods such as AES, both participants have the same key. Using Grover’s Algorithm, the key length can be reduced from 256 bits to 128 bits. Nevertheless, from the point of view of quantum-resistant encryption, an AES with a 256 bit key offers sufficient protection for decades to come.

Protection for Your Ethernet Connect

Protecting your Ethernet connection from today's threats and tomorrow's powerful, general-purpose quantum computers requires quantum-resistant encryption. As a partner of the leading provider of quantum-resistant encryption in Germany, Pan Dacom Direkt provides you with a cryptography solution that effectively protects your networks from the cyber criminals of the future thanks to a combination of the best asymmetric and symmetric encryption methods.

Whether you are planning or retrofitting an encrypted point-to-point or multipoint-to-multipoint connection: We offer an easy-to-install solution that effectively protects your system at Layer 2/3, and – unlike IPSec – allows full native throughput for 10/40/100G.

Thanks to strong integrity and replay protection, the system also provides optimal protection against active attacks using AES-GCM and L2Sec. Once installed, the devices require virtually no maintenance. Dependencies on other external devices or servers are eliminated, so no third-party access from the network is possible. On request, we can also deliver the devices pre-configured.
Quantum resistance does not cost the earth: We can offer you quantum-resistant encryption solutions to match your data throughput rates: from 100Mbit/s - 100Gbit/s.