Dark Fiber Check

Availability check for your fiber optic connection

Do the Dark Fiber Check for your site coupling now and find out, whether existing fiber optic lines can be rented. Our customer consultants will also be happy to help you: Contact us now!

Step 1: Locations
Step 2: Technical specifications
Step 3: Contact details
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Dark Fiber Check in 3 steps

We check the availability of fiber optic lines in Germany for you free of charge.

Step 1: Locations

Please enter the locations to be connected here. In dark fiber research every meter counts, so please be precise.

Step 2: Technical data

From a few meters to thousands of kilometers: Please state the distance to be bridged and the required data rate. Would you also like a node- and edge-disjunct connection for maximum reliability?

Step 3: Contact details

Please do not forget to leave us your contact details. The Dark Fiber Check usually takes no longer than two to three working days.


Optional: the Dark Fiber Complete Search

700,000 km of empty conduits, more than 500,000 km of fibre optics and over 1,100 providers have to be taken into account in the dark fibre research in Germany. The Pan Dacom Direct Dark Fiber Check checks the availability of fiber optic lines for you free of charge.

Frequently, discussions with local authorities, telecommunications companies and energy suppliers are necessary in order to achieve an ideal result for the site connection.

In addition to our free Dark Fiber Check, we  offer a complete search, which takes into account various options for site coupling and even shows you the route in Google Maps.

Please contact us if you would like to order a complete search. This usually take up two to three weeks.