Pan Dacom Direkt realised the first 16Gbps DWDM Transponder solution i0n the market

Productmanagement Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH

Pan Dacom Direkt, a German provider of cost-effective WDM technology, has approved the first field test with 16 Gbps Fibre Channel

The field test includes a transmission with two 16 Gbps DWDM 100 GHz channels over 40 km of singlemode fibre. The SPEED system is the first in the market to interconnect error-free Brocade 6510 and 300 switches.
Pan Dacom Direkt’s “SPEED” 16G transponder modules are based on 4 SFP+ ports and run on 4, 8 or 16 Gbps Fibre Channel. With DWDM 100 GHz channels, up to 40 independent channels could be realised to transmit 640 Gbps over one fibre pair in total.
“Our solution enables the next generation of storage point-to-point interconnections with 16 Gbps over longer distances”, says Markus Foerster, Head of Product Management at Pan Dacom Direkt. “We are as far as I know the first vendor in the market who has a 16 Gbps DWDM transponder solution generally available and realised the first field trial.”
Long-standing partners of Pan Dacom Direkt will upgrade existing DWDM network links to 16 Gbps. The 16G Fibre Channel link connects e.g. two storage centres. “The actual architecture allows  4, 8, 10, 16 Gbps to be run simultaneously and to be upgraded to higher capacity just on demand while optimising protection and reducing overall operating costs”, says one customer. 

For the datasheet of SPEED-DUALLINE 16G, please click here.

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