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Pan Dacom Direkt provide the equipment for 400 Gbps DWDM Ring with BelWü in Stuttgart

During the opening ceremony on April the 17th, 2013 in Schloss Hohenheim, BelWü (Baden-Württembergs extended LAN) launched in the beginning of 2013 one of the fastest German DWDM networks in the city of Stuttgart. The network enables a multiplicity of parallel 10 and 100 Gbps connections between the two universities of Stuttgart and BelWü and consequently to many other universities and research institutions in Baden-Württemberg.

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Within the framework of a cooperation project between the University of Hohenheim, University of Stuttgart and the Land Research Network BelWü a DWDM Ring could established and launched. Thereby already existing  fiber connections, parts of the university network infrastructure as well as new fiber lines of a local provider were interconnected, that all participating institutions gained high economic and technical synergies. Through this the DWDM Ring provides the desired redundancy for all institutions due to the common use of their fiber infrastructure.The solution concept and implementation with the SPEED-CARRIER WDM System by Pan Dacom Direkt ensures 100% availability of all services. The heart of the network includes eight central locations with Pan Dacom Direkt DWDM nodes which share connections of total up to 400 Gbps via fiber optics."The unique band filter concept of the Pan Dacom Direkt SPEED-WDM System enables a dedicated band distribution for each client. This provides the clear division of the areas of competence and responsibility and ensures a simple network maintenance", says Mr. Wolfram Hellstern. "The fast and easy installation by the Pan Dacom Direkt Service Team was impressive, as it took less than 5 days to deploy the network completely."

The constantly growing demand for larger bandwidths urged by cloud services, video on demand and IP traffic can and will be provided via the new DWDM ring also in the future. With the future-oriented planning by Pan Dacom Direkt, further extension up to 4 Tbps per fiber pair is possible without prerequisite changing of the infrastructure. This ring redundancy was reached with the synergy of the common use of fiber infrastructure.

About BelWü:

BelWü stands for Baden-Württembergs extended LAN and is the network for research institutions in Baden-Württemberg.
Particularly nine Land universities, over 25 colleges, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) with main locations and four branch campuses and other research institutions are interconnected within BelWü via fast data lines.

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