10G Transponder with FEC function

Flexible and cost efficient OTN Converter Card

  • 10 Gbps to OTU-2 conversion
  • STM-64, 10GFC to OTU-2 conversion
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction)
  • OTN FEC performance monitoring
  • Enhancement of Transmission Ranges through Forward Error Correction Function

    With the help of OTN-XFP transceivers you can significantly improve the transmission characteristics of the optically amplified fiber link, allowing the system to tolerate much lower OSNR (Optical Signal-To-Noise Ratio) without sacrifiying the bit error rate. This can be achieved by integrated FEC (Forward Error Correction) technique, which lowers the bit error rate during the digital data transmission and counteracts the signal noise caused by amplification.
    The OTN-XFP transmitter encodes the extra recovery information into the data stream so that it can be decoded and used by the receiver in case if bit errors occur. By 10G Ethernet to OTU-2 conversion 3R (Re-amplification, Re-timing, Re-shaping) can be spared. All DWDM transceivers are available as tunable, 50 GHz, 100 GHz according to ITU-T channel spacing.

  • OTN Converter with FEC – Performance Monitoring

    By use of OTN XFP transceiver in combination with SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP you get a cost optimized standalone solution for STM-64, 10 GFC or 10G Ethernet to OTU-2 (Optical Transport Unit) conversion. The OTN XFP transceiver includes DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) feature. DDM monitors forward error correction or OTN-FEC of the corresponding OTN XFP transceiver. If performance thresholds are exceeded OTN converter will send the alarm as SNMP traps.


  • LED display: Module state, optical link, local loops
  • Power supply:
    • 230 V AC, 24 or 48 V DC redundant in 19" SPEED-CARRIER system
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):

Housing types

Specificatons SFP+ ports

  • 2 x SFP+ ports
  • Protocol: Ethernet
  • Data rate: 10.3 Gbps
  • Link-Loss-Carry-Forward: Shutdown of client-SFPs if line signal is lost


Specifications XFP ports

  • SPEED-DUALLINE 10G XFP: 2 x XFP ports
  • SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP: 2 x XFP ports (1 x line, 1 x client)
  • Data rate: Depends on XFP and application, 9,95 to 11,32 Gbps



Specifications XFP types

  • 10 GbE
  • 10 GFC
  • STM-64
  • Multirate for 10 GbE, 10 GFC and STM-64
  • Wavelength: 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm DWDM or tunable

Specifications OTN XFP

  • Multiprotocol assistance for 10 GbE, OC-192/STM-64, 10 GFC and OTN
  • Tunable function for all C-band 50 GHz ITU-T wavelength (SFF-8477 Control)
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction) function
  • Adaptive signal level rating for an enhanced OSNR control
  • BERT functionalities
  • OTN Digital Diagnostic and Alarm Reporting

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