10 Gbps XFP transponder module

Compact optical 10 Gbps Module

  • Protocol transparent (9.95 to 11.32 Gbps)
  • 10 Gbps signal repeating for 10 GbE, 10 Gigabit FC and STM-64
  • 10 Gbps conversion: multi-mode, single-mode, CWDM, DWDM
  • Future-proof and flexible XFP technology
  • Cost optimized module with 2R functionality
  • Tunable lasers for DWDM wavelengths available
  • Distance increase by Conversion from MM to SM

    The SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP is a cost-efficient conversion module for high-speed 10G signals. The module supports two flexible XFP ports suitable for wavelength conversion (850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm, CWDM/DWDM or tunable optics) while the optical power budget (up to 15 dB/approx. 40 km distance) and the transferring application (10 GbE, 10 G FC, STM-64) are individually defined. The SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP can be used for existing 10 Gigabit systems like 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches to achieve long distances (up to 40 km). Thus existing 10 Gigabit systems are not restricted to installed 10 Gigabit optics which are limited to a few kilometers.

  • 10 Gbps Wavelength Conversion for DWDM Networks with Distances up to 40 km

    The main field of application is cost-efficient CWDM and DWDM networks. As an intelligent transponder module, the SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP converts a transparent data channel to a corresponding CWDM/DWDM wavelength.  Data rates between 9.95 Gbps and 11.32 Gbps can be provided. This 2R Version of the SPEED-SINGLELINE XFP is optimized for point-to-point connection like e.g. data center interconnection and suitable for distances up to 40 km. Two types of housings are available for installation in a 19" shelf. 16 slots are provided by using the SPEED-CARRIER 5U while a SPEED-CARRIER 1U supports up to four modules. Both housings can be monitored and configured via the optional management module SPEED-NMS OE.


  • 1-slot module for integration in a SPEED-CARRIER platform
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C – 40 °C
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 131 x 170 mm
  • 2R functionality for distances up to 40 km



  • Two XFP ports (1 x line, 1 x client)
  • Protocol: Transparent or XFP specific
  • Data rate: 9.95 Gbps – 11.32 Gbps depending on XFP type and application used

XFP types

  • Optical (LC):
    • 10 GbE
    • 10 GFC
    • STM-64
    • Multirate for 10 GbE, 10 GFC, STM-64
    • Wavelengths: 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm, CWDM DWDM or tunable optics


  • SNMP, Telnet and HTTP management via management module (SPEED-NMS OE)
  • XFP management information provided by integrated DMI functions: input/output power, wavelength, bit rate, status, supported protocols, temperature

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