Transceiver Patch Cable

DWDM tunable XFPs

50 GHz DWDM XFP for available for up to 80/96 DWDM Wavelengths

  • Copper or fiber
  • From 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps
  • For distances 3m up to 100m
  • Patch cable with integrated transceivers for short distances at lower cost

    Patch cable with integrated transceivers can reduce the cost of cabling as there is no need for transceivers for distances up to 100 m. Thus on one hand reliability is increased on the other it decreases the appering power consumption. With „laser wire technique“ transceiver adapter modules allows the connection to traditional optical transceiver ports. The product is composed of a cable, electrical connectors and SFP/SFP+ or XFP modules to adapt to a conventio-nal transceiver ports. „Laser wire“ uses for data transmission optical technologies and reduces the weight, density, bending radius and power consumption compared to copper connections.

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