16-slot universal system

19" Chassis for State of the Art low and high SPEED Access Modules

  • Highest packing density by providing up to 16-slot for access modules
  • Future-proof through integrated multi-bus systems
  • Modular and redundant 230 V AC / 24 and 48 V DC power supply
  • Passive or active on-demand cooling system
  • Optical connection to external management card
  • CWDM and DWDM in one Chassis

    The SPEED-CARRIER with its size of 5U is one of the most versatile and flexible 19“ chassis available in todays telecommunication market. An outstanding port density can be achieved by integrating up to 16 transponder and management modules in one chassis. The SPEED-CARRIER 5U supports all types of SPEED transponder modules up to 2.5 Gbps or 10/16 Gbps, 100 Gbps WDM cards, TDM modules and EDFA as well as RAMAN amplifiers. The intelligent and future-proof concept is already designed for upcoming high-speed applications without any additional costs. Redundant power supplies for 230 V AC, 24 and 48 V DC are available in various power classes and can also be used in mixed operations. The DC version of the system is  additionally available with a polarity protection for the DC connectors. An intelligent and redundant on-demand cooling system is provided which enables the installation of the system directly above or below other devices inside the a 19” rack. For the installation of the system in an ETSI rack, a special rack mounting kit is also available. The management connection can be realized via an integrated switch with a standard copper interface (RJ-45) or a switched optical SFP. Furthermore management information – even of 3rd party systems – can be transmitted to a central location by using a separate wavelength.


  • 5U 19" chassis
  • Up to 16 (or 15) active 3U-system modules and management module
  • All modules are hot-swappable
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 483 x 235 mm

Cooling system

  • Active on-demand cooling system

Power supply

  • 115/230 V AC, input voltage 90 to 264 V AC
  • 24/48 V DC, input voltage 36 to 72 V DC
  • Power per PSU: 250 W
  • Mixed operation
  • 3 slots for redundant operation


  • SNMPv1, v2c and 3
  • SNMPv2 traps
  • SSHv2
  • SCP
  • Telnet
  • TFTP server and client
  • NTP client/time zone configurable
  • Radius user authentification


  • Robust design without system-critical electronics
  • Power supply, management aggregation and integrated data bus

Standards & Compliance

  • RoHS- and WEEE-conformity
  • EN 60950, 55022 (Class B), 55024
  • VDE 0804
  • ETS 300 019
  • „Made in Germany“

Ordering options

  • S-CARRIER-230/250-A: SPEED-PSU 115/230 V 250 W
  • S-CARRIER-48/250-A: SPEED-PSU 48/67 V 250 W
  • S-CARRIER-5U-ETSI-A: ETSI Rack Mount Kit
  • S-CARRIER-5U-P-A: SPEED-CARRIER 5U with polarity protection
  • S-NMS-OE-A: SPEED-management module
  • 1010-005-001: Blank panel 1-slot

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