Optical EDFA amplifier

Optical EDFA Amplifier for Long-Haul Applications – DWDM and 40/100Gbps Signals above 1,000 km

  • Optical amplifier: Booster, in-line amplifier, pre-amplifier
  • Distances: Above 1,000 km without signal regeneration
  • Protocol transparent (10 Mbps to 100 Gbps)
  • Laser safety class 1 M
  • Customized amplifying design available on request
  • Optional: Remote management via OSC channel
  • SPEED-BOOSTER for 10 Gbps Point-to-Point Connections up to 170 km

    Distances of optical transmission systems can be increased by using optical amplifiers. Three different amplifier types (booster, in-line amplifier and pre-amplifier) can be used depending on the required distance and existing locations. All SPEED-amplifiers are capable to transfer up to 96 DWDM wavelengths via a single pair of fiber. Each wavelength supports miscellaneous protocols like SDH, ATM and Ethernet providing and bandwidths (10 Mbps to 100 Gbps). The amplifiers can be monitored and configured locally via CLI (Telnet) or through SNMP and Web GUI by using the optionally available management module. Even a remote management can be enabled by an in-band OSC channel. All optical SPEED-amplifiers meet laser safety class 1M. The modules are installed in space-saving housing types (SPEED-CARRIER 5U and SPEED-CARRIER 1U/B). Up to 170 km can be accomplished in a point-to-point connection by using a booster at the beginning of the line.

  • Pre-Amplifier achieving up to 200 km without any Inline Location

    By the additional use of a pre-amplifier at the end of a transmission link the achievable distance of the entire system can be increased up to 250 km (e.g. with 1 Gbps signals).

  • Up to 400 km without Signal Regeneration using one Single In-Line Amplifier even for 100 Gbps

    If the availability exists to install one or more inline amplifiers at a repeater site, the DWDM signal can be powered with additional 23 dBm optical budget. Using one repeater site, a distance of up to 400 km can be realized whereas this can be further extended if more repeater sites are used.  All three types of amplifiers are already designed to support 100 Gbps bandwidth for realizing up to 1,000 km in a point-to-point connection. For this purpose multiple repeater sites and a Forward-Error-Correction (FEC) integrated in the
    used optics are required.

  • 100 Gbps over 1,000 km using Booster, Pre-Amplifier and Multiple In-Line Amplifier

  • SPEED Amplifier Options


  • LED indicators: Unit status, optical link, OSC status, Ethernet link
    • Inliner/Booster (H x W x D): 56 x 131 x 170 mm
    • PreAmp (H x W x D): 28 x 131 x 170 mm
  • Power supply via backplane
    • Inliner:   15 W
    • PreAmp: 12 W
  • Laser safety class 1M

Optical interfaces

  • Booster / in-line amplifier: 2 x LC duplex connector
  • Pre-amplifier: 1 x LC duplex connector


  • Telnet, CLI
  • SNMP and Web GUI by using a management module (SPEED-NMS OE)
  • Remote management provided by OSC channel (1510 nm)

Housing types

Ethernet interfaces

  • 2 x 10/100BaseT (RJ-45)
  • 1 x 100BaseFX (SFP)
  • Auto-MDI/MDI-x

Ordering option

  • S-OBA-17/OSC-A: SPEED-BOOSTER, 17 dBm output power and -25 dBm input sensitivity, OSC
  • S-OBA-23/OSC-A: SPEED-BOOSTER, 23 dBm output power and -25 dBm input sensitivity, OSC
  • S-OPA-14-A: SPEED-PREAMP, 14 dBm output power and -36 dBm input sensitivity

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