DWDM power coupler

DWDM Power Coupler for Monitoring of DWDM Links

  • Connection of OSA measuring equipment wihout interruption
  • Broadband power coupler for all DWDM channels(1550 nm, +/- 40 nm)
  • Various possible splitting ratios, typically 10:90
  • Four power couplers in a 1-slot card system
  • Purely passive and protocol transparent
  • Live Monitoring of all 80 DWDM Wavelengths on external OSA Measuring Equipment without Link Interruption

    The SPEED-SPLIT series made of passive components, which splits the optical signal on a fiber in a predetermined split ratio. A typical field of application are DWDM point-to-point connections, in which 10% of optical power are decoupled and thus provide a monitor port. By using this monitor port, for example OSA (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) equipment is connected. Thereby the initial calibration of the different DWDM wavelengths is simplified or an analysis of the connection during operation is possible. The SPEED-SPLIT WDM module can be equipped optionally with one or with up to four integrated power couplers. The modules are installed in space-saving housing types (SPEED-CARRIER 5U and SPEED-CARRIER 1U/B).

  • Attenuation of SPEED-SPLIT Single-Mode single Window Wideband Coupler (w/o Connector)


  • Storage temperature: 0 to 70°C
  • Fiber type: Corning SMF-28e, 250 µm bare fibre, 900 µm loose tube, 2 mm or 3 mm cable
  • Customized connector types


  • LAN, WAN networks
  • CATV systems
  • Test equipment and fiber sensors
  • Network monitoring
  • DWDM OSA monitoring


  • SM Single Window Wideband Coupler
  • Wavelength range: 1310 nm, 1550 nm or other
  • Bandwidth: +/– 40 nm
  • Available as stand-alone or 19" version depending on divisionratio

Ordering option

  • S-SPLIT-50/50-B
  • S-SPLIT-60/40-B
  • S-SPLIT-70/30-B
  • S-SPLIT-80/20-B
  • S-SPLIT-90/10-B

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