2-channel 16 Gbps transponder

Compact 2-channel transponder – multi-service from 1 Gbps up to 16 Gbps

  • 4 x SFP+ ports up to 16 Gbps
  • Ethernet, SDH, OTN and Fibre Channel
  • With protection and integrated cross connection functionality
  • Upgrade from 4 to 8 to 16 Gbps Fibre Channel without interruption
  • 3R signal regeneration for LAN, WAN and SAN
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet, 4/8/10/16 Gbps Fibre Channel and OTU-2 Transponder with five Channels

    SPEED-DUALLINE 16G SFP+ provides a flexible conversion of various protocols, like Ethernet, SDH, OTN und FC to a dedicated CWDM and DWDM wavelenghts. Hereby each of the five client ports supports a multirate functionality that allows a conversion with data rates from 1Gbps up to 16Gbps. This capability offers an upgrade function e.g. from 4G FC to 16G FC without the need to replace hardware. Due to its integrated 3R functionality the SPEED-DUALLINE 16G SFP+ is suitable as repeater for transmission over extended distances. These features is making the SPEED-DUALLINE 16G SFP+ a future oriented solution to meet upcoming demands.

  • 3-times 1+1 protection for FC, Ethernet, SDH and OTN with integrated 3R signal regeneration

    An integrated cross connect at the SPEED-DUALLINE 16G SFP+ provides the possibility for a 1+1 protection of WAN, LAN and SAN signals. Through its compact design this module occupies only one slot within SPEED-CARRIER 5U chassis. Furthermore the SPEED-DUALLINE 16G SFP+ can be configured and monitored by using the SPEED-NMS module via SNMP or web management.


  • LED display: module status, optical link, local loops
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 131 x 170 mm
  • Power supply via backplane
  • 1+1 protection
  • Protocols: 1/2/4/8/10/16 GFC, FE, GbE, 10 GbE, STM-16/STM-64, OTU-2
  • Link-Loss-Carry-Forward: Shutdown of client-SFPs in the event of line SFP signal loss
  • Usage of SFP+ according to MSA-standard


  • Integrated SNMP agent, Telnet, alarm notification via SNMP-Trap
  • Possible loop on SFP ports
  • SFP+ management information provided by integrated DMI
    • Input/output power (in dB), temperature, wavelength, bit rate, status, supported protocols
  • Optional SNMP and web management via SPEED-NMS OE


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