SPEED-OTS-5000 - The System

“SPEED-OTS-5000” Hybrid WDM System – A System for All Your Needs

By use of WDM technology, fiber optic capacities can be elegantly and cost-efficiently multiplied. The SPEED-OTS-5000 System grows flexibly along the network requirements – from simple n x E1 system up to redundant multi 10 Gigabit nodes. 

Without WDM:
One Application over one Fiber

With WDM:
Up to 96 independent Applications over one fiber

Fast Installation – Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

Pan Dacom Direkt has especially considered regional and campus-like network infrastructures with various interfaces for its product development in addition to the classic WDM applications. Here the SPEED-OTS-5000 System offers an outstanding flexibility and cost-efficiency.

  • Save costs by reducing the quantity of rented fibers
  • Increase capacity of installed fibers up to 1.200 Gbps
  • Keep data streams independent – transparency for protocols
  • Be flexible and grow as required
  • 100% traffic separation and up to 96 wavelengths via 1 fiber pair

We as Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH are an ISO-9001 certified corporation and are designing and manufacturing all our active “Optical Transport Systems” (OTS) exclusively in Germany. Our products and systems are complying with the highest quality standards “Made in Germany”.

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