Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

Reliable Data Center Connection with SPEED-WDM

Better Use of Resources and Increase of Efficiency

  • Saving leased lines with WDM Technology
  • Up to 96 applications via only one fiber pair
  • Flexible extension of existing resources to up to 9,6 Tbps
  • Low power consumption of the SPEED-WDM system as a contribution to the "Green IT" initiative

Data Center Interconnect Solution "Made in Germany" with highest Availability

  • Brocade and QLogic certified WDM System
  • Transparent transmission of Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SDH and ESCON
  • Easy extension thanks to modular design
  • Data Center internet working over distances up to 1.000 km
  • Fully power monitored fan unit (green IT)
  • Redundant and fail safe power supply

Disaster-Recovery & Back-up Solution

  • Data Center Interconnectivity easy to monitor via in-band remote management  
  • Shortest back-up switching time (< 50ms)
  • Central storage of config data for quickest maintenance
  • 1+1 storage back-up

Reference applications

1. Storage Back-up

  • Brocade certified data center interconnect solutions
  • Manual switching of single wavelengths for service activities

2. Data Center Interconnect via Ring Structure

  • All kind of applications from 100 Mbps up to 40 Gbps (transparent)
  • Protection via Ring structure

3. Scalable Data Center Interconnections

  • Uninterrupted extension up to 40 DWDM channels
  • Back-up connectivity with highest redundancy

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