17. December 2019

IHK Honor

Companies that train honored for outstanding commitment

IHK-Hauptgeschäftsführer Markus Weinbrenner (5.v.r.) hat den anwesenden Unternehmensvertretern die Ausbildungsurkunden überreicht. © Linke/IHK

On February 7, 2019, Markus Weinbrenner, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Offenbach am Main, honored twelve companies that came to the IHK on behalf of 664 training companies in the city and district of Offenbach for their outstanding commitment.

Weinbrenner was pleased to present the current number of apprenticeships: "We registered 1,406 new apprenticeship contracts. An increase of 2.6 percent compared to the previous year. A total of 2,200 apprenticeships were reported to us and thus increased by 5.9 percent."

At the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he thanked the twelve pcompanies present on behalf of all training companies:

  • Andreas GmbH, Dietzenbach 
  • Bippes Brandao GmbH, Offenbach
  • CWS-boco Deutschland GmbH, Dreieich
  • Feintool System Parts Obertshausen GmbH, Obertshausen 
  • Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH, Langen 
  • Haberstroh Baubedarf GmbH, Rödermark 
  • Jügesheimer Sport- und Kulturverein 1888, Rodgau 
  • Lofty Zweitfrisuren GmbH, Rodgau
  • Main Mobil Offenbach GmbH, Offenbach
  • Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH, Dreieich
  • Roland Remy Software-Entwicklung und Beratung, Offenbach
  • Sinope GmbH, Offenbach

Despite the IHK-apprenticeship exchanges and the IHK-training fair, 155 of the apprenticeships offered in the city and district of Offenbach in 2018 could not be filled, while 70 applicants remained unplaced (plus 7.7 percent). The number of vacant apprenticeships has increased by 89 percent, so that the qualified occupation of the apprenticeship offerings is becoming a major challenge. "On September 20 and 21, 2019, the IHK Offenbach am Main will once again host the 'gOFfit' training fair," said Weinbrenner. Because of the great demand and the number of exhibitors which increased from 80 to 100, it took place in the Offenbach trade fair for the first time and no longer in the town hall.

In order for young people to orientate themselves even better and earlier in their careers, the IHK is relying on the "IHK training ambassador" initiative. "Young trainees were trained as training ambassadors. They then advertise the respective training professions in schools. We want to make sure that pupils can get first-hand information about the training professions," said Weinbrenner.

Weinbrenner appeals to the member companies to provide volunteer examiners for the training occupations: "Dual vocational training thrives on the nationwide exams that are taken by voluntary examiners. We rely on practical experience. This is the only way we can guarantee high quality."

Source: IHK Offenbach am Main

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