23. November 2021

Official Launch Of New High-Density 1U Chassis Solution

Pan Dacom Direkt Officially Launches New High-Density 1U Chassis Solution to Boost Optical Networks

High-density chassis released: SPEED-CARRIER 1U-H for up to 3.2 Tbps

Pan Dacom Direkt announced that it has officially launched its new SPEED-CARRIER 1U-H rack. The resulting packing density, realized on a modular rack unit featuring AES 256 Layer 1 encryption with up to 3,200 Gbps per rack unit, is a game changer for on the market for data center interconnect.

The need for networked services is advancing at an increasing pace, demanding higher bandwidths and lower latency. In addition, the rise in commodity prices are driving up operating costs, having a negative impact on business growth. Pan Dacom Direkt has therefore updated its SPEED-OTS-5000 portfolio to meet the increased requirements while significantly reducing electricity costs per bit.

The SPEED-CARRIER 1U-H is a highly efficient and modular rack system that can be flexibly equipped with active and passive system cards that adapt to the respective customer requirements. All modules can be commissioned via the front panel, are hot-swappable and can be replaced without affecting the rest of the data traffic. System cards with high bandwidths of up to 400 Gbps and AES 256 Layer 1 encryption can be operated with the rack. This makes the system ideal for DCI applications. The highlight of the 1U-H variant is its high packing density of up to 3,200 Gbps per rack unit.

Thanks to an intelligent ventilation concept, no ventilation distance to neighboring systems is required. Thus, up to nine slots can be equipped with high and low bit rate system cards as well as a management card. Due to the low installation depth and a flexible redundant power supply of 230 V AC or 48 V DC, the system can be installed in all applications.

In combination with recently announced SPEED-MUX 800G, the worldwide first pluggable 800 Gbps multiprotocol muxponder card and pluggable CFP2 modules, the new rack system achieves a remarkable high packing density of 3.2 Tbps per rack unit, resulting in an ultra-low cost-per-bit ratio, while providing low-latency Layer 1 encryption with the highest security standards.

Contact Person
Christian Baumeister
Director International Sales
+49 6103 834 83 180