10G Reach Extender

10G Restricted to 80 Kilometers?


Initial Situation:

An existing transmission path with a bandwidth of at least 1GbE should be increased cost-efficiently up to 10GbE, even if the distance is more than 80 km.

The Solution:

The range extension kit comprises a compact modular 1U chassis with a set of hardware modules: optical EDFA amplifier(s), management card and a chromatic dispersion compensation FBG-module. Depending on the required link budget one or two amplifiers per site may be needed. The chassis may be equipped with various power supply options including 48VDC, 230VAC as well as mixed mode operation to meet individual power requirements.

The Challenge

For many years it was common to transmit data with 1G Ethernet. But with increasing broadband requirements on the networks, nowadays access switches are also increasingly being implemented with 10GbE. Even though the 10G Ethernet was mostly limited to 80 km, we have developed a solution that allows you to transfer your data over longer distances of up to 170 km and with FEC up to 225 km - Made in Germany.

The SPEED-OTS-5000 combines high data transmission rates with long distances and transforms your 1G connection into a contemporary 10G Ethernet line.

Increase the Range up to 225 km

By use of an additional optical amplifier like the SPEED-Booster at the beginning of a Point-to-Point connection at each of the corresponding site, the reach of the 10G transmission can be significantly increased up to 170 km.The tranmission distance can even be further improved up to approx. 225 km by the use of an additional SPEED-PREAMP at the end of the link on each site, thus compensating the low tranmission signal to the required signal input of the transceiver.

EDFA and RAMAN Amplifier for long Distances

Simple Management

The SPEED-NMS Module enables a graphical and user-friendly HTML-based interface, SNMP or Command Line Interface. Equipped with extensive monitoring features, analyzing the system status and configuration of the entire system can easily be done. SNMP-Traps are sent constantly to inform whenever a status changes. An active Alarm List shows an overview of all critical states, while all alarms are beeing stored automatically in a history file. Solutions for remote or third party management can be provided anytime according to your requirements.

Contact Person
Christian Baumeister
Director International Sales
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