Advancing Sustainability: Shaping the Path to a Greener Future

At Pan Dacom Direkt, sustainability is more than just a goal; It is a shared step into the future that requires everyone's participation. We recognize that the path ahead requires collaboration and innovation, as we set our sights on our 2030 sustainability goals. Here we outline three critical ways, in which we are actively driving the transition to sustainability:

CO2 reduction and energy efficiency for a sustainable future

Harnessing the potential of energy efficiency is paramount in our search for a sustainable future. Turning off devices and lights when not in use is a simple but effective practice. By raising a shared awareness about energy consumption, we can foster a culture that values resource conservation. Our commitment grows, as we implement cutting-edge energy-saving technologies and equipment, such as LED lighting and advanced office systems. In addition, we support sustainable e-mobility by providing charging stations with sustainable energy for electric vehicles on our premises, which demonstrates our adaptation to the changing mobility landscape.

Accept the digital transformation

Our mission to reduce CO2 emissions goes hand in hand with our shift to digital work environments. When we envision a future in which 30% of our meetings are held digitally, we support the shift from in-person meetings to virtual collaboration. We reduce CO2 emissions from daily driving and business travel by using platforms like Webex, but we also promote a more productive and balanced work environment.

Progression through digitalization

In this context, our commitment to reducing paper consumption by 20% is inextricably linked to our focus on digitalization. We are embarking on a digital transformation by implementing electronic customer records and an E-Payrole system which will contribute significantly to our sustainability forecast.

Digitalization is more than a buzzword at Pan Dacom Direct; it is a strategic imperative. Our goal of using 20% less paper is proof of our determination to reduce our environmental footprint. We eliminate the need for excessive paper use through the seamless integration of digital alternatives. In conjunction with our adoption of energy-efficient technologies, our steps toward a lower CO2-footprint embody our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.