Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D)

Pan Dacom Direkt - product integrator with its own development department in Germany

For many years, Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH has been successful as a manufacturer in Germany with its own development department and as a product integrator for transmission solutions. We deliver and install our self-developed SPEED-OTS-5000 WDM system, which forms the core of many communication infrastructures throughout Germany - consisting of the latest optical multiplexers, amplifiers and transponder cards.

Hardware development


  • Cooperation with renowned chip producers and international distributors for optimal research and selection of components and materials:
  • Standard components, such as transistors, resistors, discrete components etc.
  • Mechanic materials such as synthetics, metal plates, plug connectors etc.
  • Innovative hardware modules such as high performance ICs, 12-layer conductor boards
  • Simulation of signal periods, cross-talk, electromagnetic compatibility, thermic and mechanic effects as well as automated layout creation with auto-placement and auto-routing functions
  • Flexible choice of producer through creating multivendor-capable construction drawings and certified production manuals and documentations
  • Verification and long term tests during operation by prototyping and advanced prototyping
  • Independent certifications by TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority), CE, EMC as well as compatibility and interoperability tests with market participants like Brocade Communications Systems Inc. or Qlogic
  • Permanent monitoring and improvement to achieve the best cost-value ratio, lowest energy input, high quality standards and eco-friendly recycling possibilities

Mechanical Development


  • Development of chassis systems with a high package density, high bandwidth bus systems, flexible voltage supplies and 100% redundancy dimensioning
  • Compliant with EMV, electromechanical as well as fire safety certifications
  • Preferably low energy input and intelligent partial on-demand cooling systems
  • Simple and compact chassis options for cost-optimal operation

Software development

Firmware & Management

  • Quick integration of extensions and improvements with consideration of the customer's demands as well as market and technology trends
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the system hardware through new management functions and support of new system cards

Customized development

New and adaptive development

  • Goal: Joint development of the prospected goal as well as compiling contract specifications
  • Planning and realisation within a project team with regular update meetings
  • Customized case solutions, mounting possibilities channel and port numbers, adaptation to environmental conditions according to IP protection classes
  • Benefits from governmental and public support programs
  • Working out niche solutions, competitive advantages, unique selling points or prospecting the achievement of the cost leadership