Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Basics of CWDM - Up to 18 different CWDM wavelength over one pair of fiber

CWDM highlights

  • Up to 18 CWDM wavelength over one pair of fiber
  • CWDM channel spacing 20 nm, 1270 nm to 1610 nm
  • Distances up to 120 km
  • Cost-effective WDM solution
  • Scalable by hybrid CWDM/DWDM - perfect solution for your investment
WDM-Module with up to 16 CWDM-Wavelengths.

CWDM principle

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) is a wavelength multiplexing technology for city and access networks. Transmission is realized using 18 channels with wavelengths between 1270 nm and 1610 nm. Due to the channel spacing of 20 nm cost-effective lasers can be used. The channel width itself is 13 nm. The remaining 7 nm is designed to secure the space to the next channel.

Optical Water peak

Technical Details

  • ITU-T G.694.2
  • λ: 1271 nm - 1611 nm
  • Max. 18 channels can be used due to the waterpeaks
  • Channel spacing: 20 nm
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