Full bandwidth: use single fiber bidirectionally

The SPEED-OTS-5000 system from Pan Dacom Direkt demonstrates its full strength when site and data center couplings are to be implemented using a single fiber -without having to cut back on bandwidth. This enables cost-efficient fiber savings. Its installation is easy and requires no special skills.

The SPEED-OTS-5000 system makes an important contribution to the efficient use of a limited number of fibers in the cost-sensitive metro area. The functionality of the passive fiber optic components that are used is quickly explained: They separate - polarization-independent and polarization-preserving - signals that run in opposite directions, thus enabling the bidirectional operation on a single fiber.

No compromises with the single fiber

In a specific application, a single fiber should be used without restrictions in terms of the data rate. In general, two fibers are required in order to be able to transmit data in full duplex mode. Our customer was not prepared to accept this compromise. Instead, the SPEED-OTS-5000 system, which made the existing channels bidirectional, was used.

If only one single fiber is available, usually different wavelength are needed for a bidirectional communication. Thanks to the SPEED-OTS-5000 bidirectional communication can be established with the same wavelength for sending and receiving without retrofitting or changing the devices.

Due to the low insertion loss, the high stability and reliability, an uncomplicated coupling over a range of around 60 kilometers was possible. Expensive special hardware is not necessary for the operation. Additionally, there was no need for complex interconnections when patching the systems.

Wide bandwith, low costs

As a 1:2-version, the passive components incorporate three optical ports (LC / UPS connectors) for bidirectional applications. Herewith transmission capacities of 19.2 Tbps or 2x19.2 Tbps per fiber pair are made possible. Additionally fiber amplifiers (EDFA) can be easily integrated into the network. Due to the high optical quality and low procurement costs, the SPEED-OTS-5000 system is ideal for expanding existing networks.

The Challenge

  • Establishing of a single fibercoupling
  • Make existing channels usable inboth directions
  • Maximum cost efficiency
  • Quick installation without specialknowledge

The Solution

  • Use of the SPEED-OTS-5000system"
  • The SPEED-OTS-5000 system witha passive fiber optic componentfor bidirectional operation of asingle fiber

The Advantages

  • High spectral bandwidth (up to40 DWDM-channels)
  • No complex interconnectionswhen patching
  • Low capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Cost reduction thanks to fibersavings
  • Use of an EDFA amplifier possible
  • Fast activation of new services -100% protocol transparent
  • Layer 1 AES 256 Bit encryptionpossible
Contact Person
Christian Baumeister
Director International Sales
+49 6103 834 83 180