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Plan your location coupling in 4 steps - with Pan Dacom Direkt

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Here you can plan your point-to-point connection between two locations by entering the desired protocol and the required range. We help you to find the best price. Choose from dark fiber, radio relay, a WDM-system or data services.

Step 1: Locations
Step 2: Protocols

Please enter the number of required protocols.

Step 3: Encryption
Step 4: Contact
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Manual: Location Coupling - Cost Check in 4 Steps

The Pan Dacom Direct cost checker supports you free of charge in the planning of your location networking. We help you to compare costs for different solution at a glance: from leased lines to the installation of a licensed or license-free radio relay system.

Our online calculator will give you a overview of the different methods and costs for site couplings. Pan Dacom Direkt will help you find the most cost-effective solution in no timel.

And this is how it works:

Step 1: Locations

Enter the distance between the locations or data centers you wish to connected. Enter the addresses  of your locations. These information help us to take geographical characteristics into account.

Step 2: Protocols

Next, you are able to enter the required protocol and bandwidth. Select one or more options for Ethernet and Fibre Channel. And don't forget to specify the number of connections.

Step 3: Encryption

As soon as personal data or data from financial transactions are transmitted, strong encryption is inevitable. Add this option if you want your site connection inherit an encryption.

Step 4: Contact details

In the last step you can enter your contact information, so that our customer service can calculate your location coupling. We will respond you within 24 hours on working days. Do you wish to learn more about our solutions for site networking? Or do you wish to connect more than two locations or data centers (data center interconnect)? Contact our customer service now!