Point-to-Point-Encryption for your
Fiber Optic Connection

Point-to-Point-Encryption for your Fiber Optic Connection

SPEED-MUX 200G: Hardware-Based AES 256 Bit Encryption - also as Retrofit Kit

Whether with splicing, bending or non-touching methods: Criminals use more and more sophisticated techniques to wiretap fiber optic cables and steal sensitive data. Because physical access to fiber optic cables can't be prevented, a powerful encryption such as the SPEED-MUX 200G from Pan Dacom Direkt is needed.

Thanks to its hardware-based AES 256 bit encryption on layer 1 the SPEED-MUX 200G is ideally suited for use on the own fiber optic infrastructure or rented dark fiber links - whenever confidential information are transferred.

Highest Performance with Lowest Latency Time

The SPEED-MUX 200G supports all common protocols used in state-of-the-art data center interconnections and location couplings, including the mixed operation of 1/10/25/40/100G Ethernet, 4/8/16/32 Fibre Channel and 5/10/14/25G Infiniband. Due to the hardware-based Layer 1 encryption the SPEED-MUX 200G stands for maximum throughput rates of 100/200Gbps, but also meets ultra-low latency requests with only 75μs.

Ensuring your Security Goals

The SPEED-MUX 200G ensures the most important security goals: integrity, availability, and confidentiality. The AES 256 bit encryption prevents reading along by unauthorized persons while a symmetric encryption of the application is ensured by using the Galois Counter Mode (GCM). An individual importable master key offersanother effective protection against a "man-inthe-middle-attack".

The configuration interface for encryption is completely separated from the regular configuration interface.

Therefor the encryption method fulfils the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) according the technical guideline "BSI TR-02102 Cryptographic Procedures". For the operation of the SPEED-MUX 200G none special expertise is needed: Encryption can be activated in just two steps thanks to the Crypt Manager.

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