Support & Installation

Our service concept

The technical support team (TST) of Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH is assisting regarding the technical implementation, operation and troubleshooting with experts at various levels

The service team offers 24x7 support worldwide and supports you with commissioning, troubleshooting and training programs, on-site support with hardware replacement and software updates.

Pan Dacom Direkt offers you three different SPEED service levels according to the overview shown below:


  • Hotline Service
  • Software Service


  • Hotline service/Remote service
  • Software service
  • Advanced Replacement (Next Business Day)
  • Technician deployment (Next Business Day)

SPEED-Extended Plus

  • Hotline service/Remote service
  • Software service
  • Advanced Replacement (Next Business Day)
  • Free Technician deployment (Next Business Day)

The SPEED-STANDARD Service offers 8x5 hotline support and software support with access to the latest software package for the corresponding hardware.
The SPEED-EXTENDED Service includes all the features of the SPEED-STANDARD service and also offers free repair of defective hardware in accordance with the warranty conditions and replacement of defective hardware with dispatch on the next working day. In addition, at the customer's request, a technician readiness for a fee-based use on the next working day is included.
The SPEED-EXTENDED PLUS Service includes all the features of the SPEED-EXTENDED service and also includes the on-site technician assignment on the next working day. This makes the SPEED-EXTENDED service an all-round carefree package for your network operation.

Hotline Service up to 24 x 7

  • Taking over of the failure
  • Fault-related error analysis
  • System check by trained specialists on the phone
  • Evaluation of configuaration files
  • Fault localisation and isolation

 Software Service

  • FTP-Zugang
  • Provision of the latestet software release
  • Current software documentation


Remote Support

  • Access via VPN connection
  • Remote fault analysis by qualified service technicians
  • Evaluation of the configuartion and the error messages
  • Remote configuartion of the hardware
  • Qualified feedback to the customer

Advanced Replacement Next Business Day

  • Provision of spare parts
  • Advance exchange service
  • Delivery service to the customer the next day or with express courier

Technician readiness

  • Provision of the necessary service personnel
  • Response time from Next Business Day up to 3 hours

Technician deployment

  • Use of a technician / system specialist
  • Hardware troubleshooting at the customer
  • Free use including travel expenses and travel expenses with Pan Dacom Direkt SPEED-Extendet Plus Service
  • Next Business Day or 24 x 7

Additional services

  • Pre-configuration of the system technology
  • Customized training
  • On-site installation and system instruction
  • Individual configuration and OEM versions of the devices posiible
  • Individual response times
  • On-site product training
  • Spare parts at your location

Extra-services and extensions

  • Warranty extension
  • Spare parts inventory at the customer site
  • Individual response times
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Service
  • Express / courier delivery
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Remote monitoring
  • Yearly maintenance