Fiber Monitoring

Live 24x7 Fiber Monitoring Solution

The live fiber monitoring solution allows to secure the fiber network by identifying fiber procedures (tapping)

Monitoring is achieved through ongoing OTDR measurements (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) in live operation in DWDM networks. In this case, a light pulse is fed to the fiber cable and from the damping behavior of the reflected light pulse can be concluded on the type of error, also called event (tap, cable break, connector, splice, etc...

It is a reference measurement performed at the beginning of which in live operation will be done a constant comparison. If an unexpected event such as a tap occurs there will be immediately generated an alarm. The alerting can be ensued via SNMP, SMS or e-mail. As a result, the system is perfect for early detection of eavesdropping operations. The measurements, attenuation curve, as well as the events that occur are shown graphically on a web interface. Therefore, the measurements are recorded properly and can be passed on via XML to an existing database.

Fiber Monitotoring in the “as a Service” Package. Monitoring of your Link without Investment for Purchase and Operation

The live fiber monitoring solution has a compact design of 2U with redundant 48V DC power supply and is easy to install. A measurement takes place within a few minutes and the error can be located precisely on the meter. A device can monitor up to 96 fibers. The specialty is that one has not to be a specialist in order to understand the measurement and the events that occur.

The live fiber monitoring solution provides:

  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Early detection of faults in fiber degradation by evaluating history functions
  • Fiber-monitoring in case of unconnected Dark Fiber lines
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint monitoring
  • Automatic event location
  • Reduced operating costs and improved MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • SLA-management for leased Dark Fiber lines
  • Improved network documentation by accurate characterization of the fiber optic infrastructure


  • at a wavelength of 1625nm or 1650nm
  • with a range of max. 43dB
  • Within 10 sec to 3 min
  • Fault localization correct to the meter


  • Monitoring via web interface
  • Log and history function
  • Alerting via SNMP, SMS and email
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