Optical Monitoring

The live fiber optic monitoring solution

24x7 Fiber monitoring and fault detection

The SPEED-FIBER MONITORING is a scalable plug-and-play monitoring solution for up to 96 ports.

This allows a central 24/7 fiber monitoring during operation and in the case of an event a meter-accurate localization of the disorder. The monitoring takes place in the WDM network by means of individually configurable OTDR measurements and offers an automatic error detection and alarm via SNMP, SMS or email. With the SPEED-FIBER MONITORING network monitoring becomes easy. Reports can be sent via XML export to a central management system. Another field of application is the SLA evidence in the direction of "dark fiber" provider.

The live fiber optic monitoring solution allows:

  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Early fault detection in case of fiber deterioration by evaluation of history functions
  • Fiber monitoring with unconnected dark fibers 
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint monitoring 
  • Automatic event localization 
  • Reduced operating costs and improved MTTR (average repair time) 
  • SLA Management for rented Dark Fiber 
  • Improved network documentation through accurate characterization of the fiber infrastructure
Fibre Monitoring
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