01. December 2021

Official Launch Of The New Pluggable 800 Gbps Muxponder Solution

Pan Dacom Direkt Officially Launches New Pluggable 800 Gbps Muxponder Solution to Boost Optical Networks

SPEED-MUX 800G for the networks of the future: Up to 25.6 Tbps over just one optical fiber

Pan Dacom Direkt has officially launched its new pluggable muxponder card SPEED-MUX 800G, which features data rates of up to 400 Gbps and extends the SPEED-OTS-5000 portfolio.

The SPEED-MUX 800G is an innovative and the world's first pluggable compact 800 Gbps multiprotocol multiplexer card with pluggable CFP2 modules and AES 256 Layer 1 encryption. As “Made in Germany” product, the card can be equipped, depending on its configuration with up to four QSFP28 or four QSFP-DD transceivers and thus be adapted to customer specific requirements. With the SPEED-MUX 800G a direct aggregation of 100, 200 and 400 Gigabit Ethernet is possible and offers the user maximum flexibility in the application. Optionally, an ultra-low latency AES 256 Layer 1 encryption can be enabled for security on the highest level.

The new pluggable muxponder card supports two CFP2 line transceivers, which can transmit up to 2x400 Gbps over one DWDM wavelength each. This allows the transmission of up to 64 DWDM wavelengths, supporting 25.6 Tbps over only one optical fiber.

The SPEED-MUX 800G can be deployed as dual 400G transponder card by using QSFP-DD transceivers. This ensures investment protection in the context of future network expansions. Combined with low-latency layer 1 encryption featuring highest security standards, the card is ready for all kinds of application scenarios.

With an average annual data traffic growth of about 30 percent, 400G technology is an important key for future growth. Thus, Pan Dacom Direkt has upgraded its SPEED-OTS-5000 portfolio to increase the capacity of optical networks while lowering electricity costs significantly. Customers benefits from a completely new quality of service with easier and faster service delivery. The new 800G muxponder solution requires fewer infrastructure components and simplifies network architecture and operations.

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