Training: SPEED-DSL.bis Serie


Training objectives: Mediation of special expertise regarding the basics of DSL technology as well as assembly, installation, configuration options and troubleshooting for the SPEED-DSL.bis product series.

Our training content is put together individually for you. This training should include:

  • Overview of the various DSL transmission methods and standards 
  • Basics of DSL transmission technology: modulation methods, characteristics, requirements and general conditions
  • Data rates and ranges of the different DSL methods 
  • Typical application scenarios for the use of G.SHDSL, G. SHDSL.bis and G.SHDSL.bis EXTENDED 
  • Concept and general conditions for increasing the range by using DSL repeaters 
  • Selection of the suitable housing for use in different environments (standard, industrial and civil engineering)
  • Device construction, configuration and commissioning for SPEED-MODEM DSL 2.3, SPEED-DSL.bis 5.7 / 11.4, SPEED-DSL.bis EXTENDED series and SPEED-DSL.bis MINI & MICRO RACK 
  • Management of devices with CLI (Command Line Interface), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), Telnet and web interface 
  • Practical configuration exercises based on selected application examples 
  • Troubleshooting (fault location and fault correction)



Dates and conditions on request

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