Deutsche Bahn AG

At home in Germany - travelling the world. This is the motto of the worldwide as a mobility and logistics company active Deutsche Bahn AG. At nationaland international level DB Systel GmbH is the internal ICT-partner of Deutsche Bahn: "We support one of the largest transport and logistics company of the world with modern and efficient information and communication technology


The SPEED-OTS-5000-System convinces with the best price-performance ratio

For the future Deutsche Bahn is focussing on the digitization of their communications infrastructure.The necessary communication connectionsand the related broadband demand with data rates up to 1 Gbps will be realized via fiber optic infrastructures.


Right across the Country with the cheapest Budget Price of all Times

In order to use the existing fiber optic connections installed parallel to the track network optimally the Deutsche Bahn AG trusts in aWDM-system. Through the use of add & drop multiplexers there is a price-optimized connectionof up to 15 stations to one Central site possible. In parallel to the actual payload and control information also a dedicated management channel for monitoring and configurationof the transmission technology is available at every location. In addition to the performanceoptimized planning and the turnkey pre-configurationas well as the assembly of the systems the Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH also takes over the nationwide training of employees of Deutsche Bahn AG and their internal ICT partner DB Systel GmbH.

24x7 Ticket Service for an all-round carefree Package

As part of the all-round carefree package the DB AG uses at the same time the contracted ticket support and of course the around-the-clock reachable support with 24x7 SLA.

The direct access to the German manufacturer enables customization as well as the implementation of additional functionalities. This enabled convenient and economic integrationof SPEED-OTS-5000 transmission system into the Group-owned management system.

"The convenient collaboration with Pan Dacom Direct is fast, straightforward and simply very professional." says Mr. Petros Matiosder DB Systel GmbH.

System & Support - Made in Germany!

The Pan Dacom Direkt team assisted with the installation and the commissioning of the two Pilot routes through the Dresden Elbtal and the new line through the Thuringian Forest. Subsequently, the installations were performedself-directed and until today already over 100 systems have been delivered and taken into operation with support of DB Systel GmbH.

"The convenient collaboration with Pan Dacom Direct is fast, straightforward and simply very professional."

Mr. Petros Matiosder
DB Systel GmbH