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DWDM Transmission Technique Connects Innovation With Future Technology

The SPEED-OTS-5000 system for fiber-optic connections has been deployed in the new innovation campus of AUDI AG.

In the middle of Bavaria, between Munich and Nuremberg, in the neighborhood of Audi’s headquarters, a new infrastructure base is being created for innovative technology projects such as autonomous driving, electromobility and intelligent networking.
The project house with 42,000 square meters of office and workshop space is joined by a vehicle safety center with a state-of-the-art crash arena, a functional building including a fire station, an energy center and a data center in the emerging technology park, where Audi and selected partner companies will develop pioneering automotive solutions.

High-speed development with groundbreaking technology

Audi relies on the latest WDM system technology to link the modern data centers on the Innovation Campus and at Audi‘s facility. The SPEEDOTS- 5000 systems used there offer Audi high flexibility and short response times while reducing operating costs such as fiber optic rental. Above all, the uninterrupted expandability of the system increases investment security in order to grow with increasing demand for transmission capacity.
This is achieved by the multiple redundant design of the two locations via two routes and independent SPEED-OTS-5000 systems for both the LAN and the SAN network. It uses the SPEED-MUX 800G, the world‘s first modular 800 Gbps multiprotocol multiplexer card with pluggable CFP2 modules and layer 1 AES 256 bit encryption.
With up to 400 Gbps per DWDM channel, Audi benefits from high flexibility while using future-oriented technology. Using all 64 available DWDM wavelengths together, up to 25.6 Tbps can be transmitted over a single fiber optic line.

Open road for innovations

In total, 38x 100G Ethernet, 426x 10G Ethernet and 164x 32G Fibre Channel are transmitted on the 20 km fibre-optic line. With the modular SPEED-OTS-5000 system a transmission speed of up to 7.2 Tbps per chassis can be achieved and with the high performance muxponder card SPEED-MUX 800G 8x 100G Ethernet applications can be aggregated. With data transfer speeds four times faster than conventional 100G solutions, 400G technology enables Audi to meet everincreasing bandwidth requirements.
At the same time, the SPEED-OTS-5000 system‘s modular pay-as-you-grow architecture enables sustainable network expansion. “Looking for a modern technology to interconnect data centers, Audi came across DWDM technology. The high transmission rates possible with this technology create a powerful solution that prepares Audi perfectly for the future”, says Christian Kraus, project manager of the DWDM project at AUDI AG. This paves the way for sustainable and high-performance innovation development in the areas of autonomous driving, electromobility and intelligent networking.


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