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"Scalability of Transmission Technology Is an Important Component of Our Digitization Strategy"

New Data Center of Stadtwerke Trier (SWT) Relies on WDM Solution from Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH

Patrick Braun, Managing Director SWT Datacenter GmbH, Lothar Maximini, Team Leader Transmission Technology SWT trilan GmbH and Martin Marx, Managing Director SWT trilan GmbH examine the new fiber optic connection. With the construction of a CO2-free data center, SWT once again underlines its top position in the Smart Index of the state of Rhineland- Palatinate (Germany). Not only does the environmentally friendly energy supply from the neighbouring heat and power plant and guarantee future-proof operation: thanks to scalable WDM coupling from Pan Dacom Direkt, the data center is also prepared for the demand for even higher data rates in the future.

SPEED-OTS-5000: The Heart of the DCI

„SWT‘s digitization strategy is to be able to react flexibly to the increasing demand for higher bandwidths,“ explains Patrick Braun, Managing Director of the new data center and adds that „thanks to Pan Dacom Direkt and the communications subsidiary SWT trilan, a highperformance connection to the data center could be implemented.“ The SPEED-OTS-5000 system is the heart of this data center interconnect (dci), which allows efficient multiple use of the fiber optic line and ensures that customers can be connected with the desired bandwidth.

Upgradeable to 200 Gbps

In total, the system can be expanded to up to 40 channels without interruption. After all, the SPEED-OTS-5000 system from Pan DacomDirekt supplemented by a Muxponder card can be upgraded to up to 100 or 200 Gbps and, thanks to the flexible combination of CWDM and DWDM, is highly scalable. SWT trilan appreciates the future-proof hardware in combination with the excellent service.


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