SITA Airport IT

With Pan Dacom Direkt SITA Airport IT Secures Operations at Düsseldorf Airport

An airport is where all the stakeholders in aviation come together. From passenger handling and security checks to baggage handling, airport operations and air traffic control, every person working in this ecosystem must collaborate and network – with each other, with the systems and with the passengers. When it comes to optimizing day-to-day operations, SITA Airport IT – the specialist in communications and IT solutions for the aviation industry – is the most important partner for airports and airlines but also for public authorities and more than 250 large and medium-sized companies worldwide that benefit daily from the expertise of SITA Airport IT every day.

Providing operational security for the Airport Operational Database at Düsseldorf Airport

Cooperation With Trusted Technology Partner

Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH is a partner that offers both a broad portfolio of communications infrastructure solutions along with applications and complementary services and is therefore best positioned to provide a secure, connected experience for employees and passengers in the aviation industry. Pan Dacom Direkt has been supporting SITA Airport IT as a technology partner in implementing the requirements since 2013. In 2016, for example, the first data center link based on DWDM technology has been implemented at Düsseldorf Airport DUS using the SPEED-OTS-5000 system.

By using DWDM technology, the capacity of the existing fiber optic link could be multiplied. The use of different colors (spectral light components/ wavelengths) enables the simultaneous transmission of different applications. The parallel transmission can be easily extended to transmit up to 96 different applications over one fiber pair. With the SPEED-OTS-5000 system data rates of up to 25.6 Tbps per fiber pair can be realized, which e.g. saves existing leased lines and ensures a fast ROI.

Keeping “The Core” Running

The Airport Operational Database (AODB) is “The Core” of the DUS airport. This is where the airport control system, resource allocation and billing systems are integrated. Thanks to SITA Airport IT‘s extremely competent project team and an innovative technological approach, the operation of this central database hub is assured for the years to come.

Due to the sharp increase in demand for bandwidth the existing infrastructure at Düsseldorf Airport DUS has been thoroughly modernized and expanded for SITA Airport IT in 2022. The innovative systems developed by Pan Dacom Direkt take over a high-performance, secure connection for the data center interconnection. In the process 3x 16Gbps FiberChannel, 4x 25Gbps and 1x 1Gbps Ethernet for parallel and fail-safe transmission over two lines were put into operation with the expertise of the of the SITA Airport IT project team.

The SPEED-OTS-5000 system from Pan Dacom Direkt helps us to keep the day-to-day business for our Customers up and running. The highperformance DWDM systems provide us with the necessary operational protection we need as bandwidth requirements keep rising, and will enable SITA Airport IT to continue to impress our customers with performance and speed in the future“, says Frank Schepers, Head of Infrastructure Management. Frank Schepers also emphasizes: „With Pan Dacom Direkt we have found aprofessional and competent technology partner with whom we have been working successfully for years and will be able to master future challenges“.

The Company

As a subsidiary of SITA and Düsseldorf Airport, SITA Airport IT GmbH is one of the leading IT specialists for safety-critical areas. With professional technology and future-proof IT, it also ensures maximum security and availability beyond the tarmac. Its customers include airports and airlines, as well as public authorities and over 250 large and medium-sized companies.

With Pan Dacom Direkt we have found aprofessional and competent technology partner with whom we have been working successfully for years and will be able to master future challenges
Frank Schepers, Head of Infrastructure Management