WDM data highway for clinic Westmünsterland by Reygers and Pan Dacom Direct

Reygers Systemhaus and Pan Dacom Direkt set new standards in the transmission of patient data: fast, secure and reliable

The requirements for first-class medical care require smooth exchange of patient data. For this reason, Klinikum Westmünsterland, in close collaboration with Reygers Systemhaus and Pan Dacom Direkt, has developed an innovative fiber-optical ring structure to enable doctors, nurses and administrative staff at the various locations to quickly and securely access relevant information. This reliable technology provides fast, secure and efficient real-time transfer of large amounts of data, enabling seamless open collaboration. With this solution, you are ready for the future of healthcare.

The Challenge:

  • Inclusion of 5 clinic locations
  • 160 km line length in total
  • Fast, secure, and effective transfer of large data volumes in real-time
  • Increase in bandwidth demand


Download the full reference here as PDF-file. Learn more about the challenges, solution and more details.



Fiber-optic ring connects clinic Westmünsterland for smooth communication

The Klinikum Westmünsterland is continuously expanding, which means increasing demands on communication. To ensure everyone can communicate smoothly, the Reygers Systemhaus, in collaboration with Pan Dacom Direkt, has built a high-performance fiber-optic ring. By implementing Pan Dacom’s customized WDM solution using the SPEED-OTS-5000 system, seamless communication can be ensured.

Revolutionary technology for stable and flexible communication

Thanks to careful planning and coordination, this ambitious project was successfully implemented. Reygers Systemhaus rents Dark Fiber for seamless communication between the clinic sites. The fiber optic ring is provided to the clinic as a comprehensive "managed service" and offers a multi-year term, with the option of an identical extension. This long-term solution ensures a stable and reliable infrastructure for smooth communication within the clinic Westmünsterland.

Technical advantages of Pan Dacom's WDM solution Direct

The successful collaboration between the Reygers Systemhaus and Pan Dacom Direkt opens up unlimited possibilities not only for the Westmünsterland Clinic, but also for other medical institutions and medical networks in Westmünsterland region. Implementing a similar approach enables improved medical care as well as high-bitrate, real-time multimedia communication throughout the region.

The project showcases the efficiency of the SPEED-OTS-5000 system, including the Speed-OTDR meter, which enables precise monitoring of the Dark Fiber. The use of single-coupling points and single-coupling filters to monitor the Dark Fiber contributes to efficient and reliable data transmission. The project demonstrates robustness and reliability through the successful operation without interruptions. Furthermore, future-oriented planning allows for higher bit rates and opens up opportunities for scaling to 100G, 200G and 400G transmission rates.

More about the system house Reygers

Reygers Systemhaus is a service-oriented IT service company for commercial customers. Through the personal involvement of a highly qualified team, the cooperation with leading IT equipment companies and the operation of own data centers, the Reygers Systemhaus is an absolutely powerful full-service IT partner for innovative companies.

Find the complete reference as a PDF file here. Learn more about the challenges, solutions and other details.


Michael Reygers and Tim Heiduk, managing directors of Reygers Systemhaus, are highly satisfied with the collaboration with the Westmünsterland Clinic, the municipal utilities involved and Pan Dacom Direkt: “In addition to the excellent collaboration and the smooth communication, the flexibility of the solution, the far-sighted planning as well as the future security and scalability have proven themselves absolutely. The SPEED-OTS-5000 system proves to be extremely robust, stable and reliable, even in the event of planned and, above all, unplanned outages.”
Michael Reygers and Tim Heiduk, managing director of Reygers Systemhaus