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Pan Dacom realised the network for one of the largest research projects worldwide in Germany

Pan Dacom Direkt planned and realised the “FAIR Tera Network” together with GSI and enabled the high speed network for the international facility for research with antiprotons and ions. 

Today it runs with 120 Gbps and will reach 1 Tbps in the future. The network connects the Goethe University Frankfurt with the GSI Helmholz heavy ion research centre across a distance of over 100 km and passes the world’s greatest interconnection node “DE-CIX” in Frankfurt.

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“The network represents a fundamental breakthrough and enables a new generation of communication between more than 1,400 scientists from universities, the unique large-scale accelerator for heavy ions research institutes and provides access to high power processing systems with the “LOEWE-CSC”. It was possible to realise all this with an extremely limited budget”, says Professor Dr. Volker Lindenstruth, project leader and architect of the “LOEWE-CSC” computer as well as the “FAIR Tera Networks”.

FAIR will provide antiproton and ion beams with unprecedented intensity and quality. In the final construction FAIR consists of eight ring colliders of up to 1,100 meters in circumference, two linear accelerators and about 3.5 kilometres of beam control tubes. The existing GSI accelerators serve as pre-accelerators.

FAIR will use Pan Dacom Direkt’s SPEED-CARRIER WDM transport platform equipped with a variation of SPEED System cards to meet the capacity and the connectivity requirements as well as  to support the different traffic. “Pan Dacom Direkt provides a scalable network solution without the need to redesign existing network infrastructure on a most cost effective way in the market”, says Dirk Bachmann, CEO of Pan Dacom Direkt GmbH with proud.

The FAIR project got an award from the economics ministry of Hessen/Germany for the innovative idea and concept. During a public ceremony projects which share an innovative input for sustainable German investment were given awards.

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