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In our practice orientated webinars we offer free online seminars, in which you can participate without leaving your desk. You are invited to engage in an interactive conversation with our experts at the end of every webinar. The webinars cover a number of topics from the presentation and explanation of solutions and applications to a thorough introduction of new products as well as the analysis of business cases. The duration of a webinar is ca. 1 hour.   

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Current topics for technology based webinars
WDM: Basics of WDM, Use Cases and SPEED-OTS-5000 System Overview

19th of January 2017 at 2pm (UTC+1)

  • Reduction of costs by decreasing the number of needed leased fibers.
  • Increase of capacity in existing fiber networks up to 9,6 TB.
  • Brocade certified data center interconnection (DCI) for distances via 50 km and more.
  • Low speed connections to redundant multi-100G-connections.

24x7 Fiber Monitoring: Online Monitoring in real-time, Benefits and
Use Cases

2nd of February 2017 at 2pm (UTC+1)

  • Protection against eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery in fiber networks.
  • 24/7 fiber monitoring for easy network documentation and SLA supervision.
  • Early detection of defects regarding unlighted dark fiber monitoring.
  • Most effective service of technicians through precise localization of defects and errors in real time.

Data Center Interconnect: Optimize your Connectivity!

2nd of March 2017 at 2pm (UTC+1)

  • Managed service vs. dark fiber + WDM-system
  • Highest availability with optical protection resp. redundancy
  • Scalability without traffic interruption: Starting small and growing big
  • Future proofness: Nearly unlimited bandwidth


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